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Our Story

Our journey took a slight turn, and we realized that this market of Gobindo Bhog Biryani Rice is scattered and that the finest quality types are hidden beneath. We realized that consistent quality can be achieved with ultra-modern milling facilities with modern technology. With this vision, we installed an ultra-modern manufacturing facility in the rice-producing region of Burdwan under the name "Eastern India Rice Mill (Mini)". We started producing high-grade Gobindo Bhog Biryani Rice using a tried-and-true quality control process. We are gradually capturing the Gobindo Bhog Biryani Rice market and our brand "MALIK DEENAR" & “DOUBLE D.P.” became a premium Gobindo Bhog Biryani Rice in our market with our consistent quality and sorted grains.

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As the eldest son of my father, I made the decision to join my father's business in 1982. With the intention of upholding and carrying forward the legacy established by my father and grandfather, who have been prominent figures in the rice industry for over six decades, I have dedicated myself to preserving our family's prestigious heritage.

I the legal heir, have undergone extensive training and development to prepare myself for this responsibility. Guided by my father's expertise, I have acquired invaluable knowledge and experience in various aspects of the business, including product development and market understanding.

My father's unwavering commitment to meeting public demand and producing high-quality “Gobindo Bhog Biryani” Special Rice has served as an inspiration to me. I wholeheartedly share his perspective and have embraced the opportunity to contribute to the business while maintaining a strong sense of professionalism.

In line with our family's tradition, my aim is to provide our valued consumers with the finest quality “Gobindo Bhog Biryani” Special Rice. I am committed to uphold the standards set by my father and delivering a product that exceeds expectations. With the knowledge and experience gained under my father's guidance, am confident in my ability to continue the successful journey of our family business.

gobindo bhog rice price in india


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Our Mission

We're the ones who check every grain of paddy and choose the finest one, taken from our trustworthy farmers, then process it by using well-maintained and modern technology to make it edible for our Gobindo Bhog Biryani Special Rice lovers. This variety of Gobind Bhog Biryani Special Rice is only in high demand among a limited number of people. We are spending limitless time and effort on our production so that these rice lovers do not have to sacrifice quality. To meet this uncompromising demand, we use our experience to choose the right grain, advanced technology to process the grains, and professional people to monitor the processing.

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Our Vission

We work day and night to deliver the highest quality Gobindo Bhog Biryani Rice to the entire population who loves eating rice, not just this little group. This market is scattered, so we are willing to do our best to organize it, so that those players providing the highest quality Gobindo Bhog Biryani Special Rice can serve the population at reasonable pricing. Our father's and fore father's efforts and dedication have inspired us to produce the highest quality rice providing revolution.

gobindo bhog rice price in assam

Our Goal

At Eastern India Rice Mill (MINI), we aim to be the trusted source for premium Gobindo Bhog Biryani Special Rice all across India. With unmatched quality and reliability, we deliver to distributors and wholesalers, fostering lasting partnerships. Join us as we elevate the standards of excellence in the pan India rice trade.